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June 1, 2021

White Book 2021

Project Background

“White Book” is a biannual publication issued by The Foreign Investor Council about the economic situation in Romania in some Key domains. It also includes future recommendations made by the members to improve the current situation. It’s main audience it’s composed of business professionals and public stakeholders. The project is composed of a printed brochure with a summary and a website with the full version.



The printed brochure has the same size like the ones from previous editions (20 X 20 cm ). The cover has a smooth emboss effect that elegantly highlights 2021 (this year edition). For each domain (Labor, Technology, Energy) we created an illustration that opens every new chapter and sets the reader in the mood.

For the website we used this illustrations in the chapters’ homepage.

  • Design

    UI & Editorial Design, Website Development

  • Client

    Foreign Investors Council

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