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Troika Laundromat

“Best Data-Driven Reporting” at Sigma Data Journalism Awards 2020

OCCRP exposed a complex financial system that allowed oligarchs and politicians to secretly invest their millions, launder money, evade taxes, buy real estate, and much more. The Troika Laundromat was designed to hide the people behind these transactions and was discovered by OCCRP and its partners through careful data analysis and thorough investigative work in one of the largest releases of banking information, involving some 1.3 million leaked transactions from 238,000 companies.

We contributed to the investigation with an interactive data visualization tool that allows readers to explore the transactions withing the laundromat.

The invesgatioin won in 2020 “Best Data-Driven Reporting” at Sigma Data Journalism Awards in a category with nominations from The Washington Post, Financial Times, Chichago Tribune or USA Today.

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