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Transatlantic Trends 2021


“Transatlantic Trends 2021” is an annual survey conducted in 11 countries and provides a detailed picture of transatlantic public opinion on core and contemporary issues: the transatlantic relationship; international security and defense; trade, economic, and technology policies; relations with China; and global challenges.

We were commissioned by GMF to design the 2021 report identity: cover and layout design, data visualization and graphs suited for social media feeds.


The cover design had to transmit the diversity of opinions and a sense of unease, to pinpoint main challenges and highlight the main global players. A shattered ‘21’ with a photo collage seemed the best fit to encompass the main trends.

The report contained 22 questions with 11 respondents with an average of 50 data points per spread. The challenge was to keep the data visualizations simple and concise. For this we used graphs that visualized the main trends while letting the viewer go deeper and see the data at country level. For each question we designed a small infographic that presented the main key findings. The infographics were used on social media platforms to promote the report and the events linked to it.

  • Design

    Concept, Editorial Design, Data Visualization, Social Media Content

  • Client

    The German Marshall of the United States

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