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We give numbers
a clear and convincing voice.

We’re data storytellers.


A data story can have many shapes


Let your data tell its story

Whether it’s a press release, a social media post or a leaflet, if it contains data, an infographic it’s a sure way to reach out and expand your audience.


Show your awesome product to the world

Present your new awesome product/process/study in a 2 minute video that’s shareable, embeddable, likeable. Inform and entertain your audience, generate leads and get actions.


Stand out

A presentation with a good designs a sure path to put your message into the world and gain attention.


Build a data playground

Sometimes your data story is so complex that it doesn’t fit into any of the existing formats.

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Location intelligence
data platform.

Zoom Report is a location intelligence web platform with integrated data from public sources.

With our platform, you don’t need data processing knowledge in to gain actionable insights about local socio-demographics and economic contexts.

Step 1.

Ask the question and gather the data.

All data visualizations should start with a main question that needs answering.
After you have that clear question make you gather the relevant data that answers it. This is the step that avoids one of the most common issues in visualizing data: comparing ``apples`` with ``oranges``.

Step 2.

Knowing your data and identifying key messages.

After we know what question needs answering the next step is to start building basic diagrams. This will help identify the key messages of the visualization that will point out the key indicators generated by your data.

Step 3.

Tell your visual data story

The next step is finding the right charts that send the messages best and embed them into beautiful compelling visual data story.


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